Welcome to Fantic

The Fantic App is the optimum add-on for Fantic E-Bikes, provided with a Bluetooth add-on Adapter, the Brose (Allround and Remote), the Yamaha (Display C and Interface X) displays or with a TQ HPR-50 Engine.

Tailored specifically to the Brose, Yamaha and TQ drive systems, the connectivity solution allows a number of additional functions such as navigation to be accessed.

The app functions in overview:


  • Search for destinations and plan routes, depending on range and elevation profile
  • Battery friendly route planning
  • Accurate range calculation and display
  • Navigate offline using previously downloaded maps
  • Search for addresses, navigate to map points, view points of interest nearby

E-Bike Dashboard

  • All the most important info about your E-Bike
  • Reliable Range calculation
  • Assist Level
  • Possibility to personalize the Motor Tuning and the Thrust Factors of each single Assist Level (only for Brose and TQ systems)

Tour Manager

  • Record the current route, save it
  • Retrieve recorded routes
  • Create a route plan on the PC (.gpx file) and import it into the app


  • View speed, distance covered, travelling time and cadence
  • Topographical data such as elevation gain and route profile
  • Analyze speed, cadence and altitudes using graphs


To be able to establish the connection between the telephone and the bike, please follow the instructions into the User Manual.

List of the Supported E-Bike Models.